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23 August 2012 @ 11:47 am
Caught You in a Song [Chapter Three]  
Title: Caught You in a Song
Fandom: Hollywood Heights
Pairing/Character(s): Eddie/Loren; Tyler/Melissa; Adam/Melissa
Rated: PG-13/R for later chapters
Spoilers: None. Completely AU (Some of the characters may even be a bit OOC at times)
Summary: You've got the words to change a nation but you're biting your tongue. You've spent a life time stuck in silence afraid you'll say something wrong. If no one ever hears it how we gonna learn your song?

chapter three | this broken heart

Love will scar your make-up lip sticks to me
So now I'll maybe leave back there
I'm sat here wishing I was sober
I know I'll never hold you like I used to.

- Ed Sheeran, “Drunk”

Loren watched her reflection in the mirror carefully as she ran tube of cherry red lip-gloss across her top lip. Her suitcase lay out on the bed spilled over with the clothes she has yet to put away. The room she stayed in was spacious and a lot fancier than Loren was used to. The queen-sized bed was equipped with buttercream sheets and matching duvet that felt softer than anything she’d ever laid her fingers on.

Melissa is in the room across the hall bouncing around to some pop song she’d been obsessed with for weeks all the while talking on the phone with her boyfriend, Adam. Loren thought Adam was nice enough whenever she was around. However, there was just something about him that didn’t sit too well with Loren. She had a feeling that he wasn’t as into Mel and she was him. But Loren didn’t dare say anything. She knew her best friend and if Loren’s suspicions somehow came to light, their friendship wouldn’t be the same. So instead, she kept her mouth shut and hoped that Melissa figured it out for herself.

Once she was done with her lips, Loren stood back and examined herself in the full length mirror. She wore a red top, a pair of Seven jeans she splurged on herself at the mall, and a pair of black pumps to match the leather jacket she swiped from her mom’s closet before she left home.

“Oh, wow, don’t you look like sex,” Melissa complimented as she walked into the room. She wore a multicolored tutu, white blouse, and matching long legged boots. Mel wore her trademark assortment of jewelry that would look like too much on anyone else. But on Melissa, it all came together perfectly and made her all the more beautiful.

“Mel,” Loren blushed although she should be used to her friend saying such things.

“There are no lies being detected here.” Melissa said as she sat down on the bed Indian-style, all the while her bracelets clinking together. “If I was I guy I would totally try and tap that.”

Loren winked as she turned to face her friend, “Right back at ya, sexy.”

“Alright,” Mel rose from the bed and clapped her hands together, “We should get going. I hear the first set starts at eight and I don’t want to miss a thing.”

“Are you sure it’s alright for us to use these tickets?” Loren questioned. Her youthful face twisted with uncertainty. She was excited about going to the club, she really was, it was just that she didn’t want to do anything illegal, especially not on her first day in a new place.

“Yes,” Melissa insisted. She grabbed Loren by the shoulders, and forced the girl to look into her eyes. “We are going out tonight to listen to some amazing bands and party the night away. I have to get the car situated and everything. I’ll meet you down stairs in the lobby, okay?”

As she brushed her hair, Loren caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. The faint bruise on her collarbone shone underneath the soft florescent lights of the room, and she felt her stomach clench when her soft brown eyes landed on the imperfection. Every time she caught side of the bruise, it would take her back to that place. She could see herself, standing there in the middle of the room watching as it all happened, watching as her world crashed against the hardwood beside her lifeless body. The pale pink brushed dropped to the ground, and Loren closed her eyes tight against their lids to stop herself from crying.

She didn’t want to do this, not here not now. Instead, Loren forced herself to focus on something else. She stared at her reflection once she could compose herself again. They were gone, the visions of that completely banished from her mind, tucked away safe in the back crevices of her mind. She would keep them there, hide them where they belonged.

“It’s over,” she whispered. She shut out the lights in the penthouse before she shut the door and headed toward the elevator.

When the elevator doors dinged open, Loren stepped in and sighed. She had a feeling this would be one of those long nights. A guy dark Ray Ban sunglasses and a hat stood at the other end of the spacious elevator. She looked at the guy sideways before pressing the button for the lobby. He didn’t make much noise; he just stood there facing ahead. Loren mentally checked off the fact that she had a tube of pepper spray next to her cellphone in her clutch purse.

Loren had never been stuck in an elevator before. She’d always seen it on television, but the moment she felt the elevator shake and the lights inside flicker she knew exactly what had happened. She steadied herself on the banister so she wouldn’t fall in her heels. The guy standing at the other end of the elevator cursed loudly, as he fell to the ground.

“Are you okay?” Loren asked.

The guy tossed his glasses across the elevator, and that was when she realized who the guy was. It was Eddie Duran or she thought it was. He looked a lot different from the man she’d seen on television. His face sagged from an obvious lack of sleep. Slight stubble outlined his cheekbones. But through it all, Eddie still managed to be attractive.

“I’m just peachy fucking keen,” Eddie snapped. Loren stepped back like she’d been physically slapped by his words. He pulled out a bottle of beer from the six-pack lying next to him. Loren watched him in disgust. She hadn’t even noticed the brown paper bag he kept the six-pack in when she stepped on the elevator.

“You know, I’m sorry I asked,” Loren snapped back. She didn’t care if he was some big star. She was done letting men treat her like dirt. “Jerk.”

“What is your problem?” Eddie barked.

“My problem? I asked you a simple question of concern and you snapped at me like some crazy person,” she fought back. Loren had completely turned to face him where he sat on the floor. She glared down at him with disgust.

“Do you know who I am?” he shouted. His hand gripped tighter around the neck of the beer bottle.

“Some drunken guy in an elevator?” Loren sassed, with one hand firmly placed on her hip. She looked down at him like a mother scolding her child for doing something wrong.

Eddie laughed bitterly. “You’re a bitch.”

“I’d rather be a bitch than an alcoholic,” Loren admitted. She looked down at Eddie, and for a moment she honestly felt sorry for him. “I’ve seen what’s been going on with you on TV, and I can tell you’re hurting but you need to know that you’re not going to find the solution to your problems at the bottom of those bottles nor by being a complete asshole to people that genuinely care.”

“So what, you care?” Eddie asked bitterly, his eyes narrowed.

“I don’t even know you,” Loren said, just as the elevator began running again. The doors opened into the lobby and she stepped off after saying, “And after this little encounter, I don’t want to.”