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22 August 2012 @ 04:25 pm
Caught You in a Song [Chapter One]  
Title: Caught You in a Song
Fandom: Hollywood Heights
Pairing/Character(s): Eddie/Loren; Tyler/Melissa; Adam/Melissa
Rated: PG-13/R for later chapters
Spoilers: None. Completely AU (Some of the characters may even be a bit OOC at times)
Summary: You've got the words to change a nation but you're biting your tongue. You've spent a life time stuck in silence afraid you'll say something wrong. If no one ever hears it how we gonna learn your song?

chapter one | the city awaits

Because the night is young
the line is out the door
today was crazy but,
tonight the city is ours

- Big Time Rush, “The City is Ours”

The California sun shined bright against the city, illuminating soft patterns of Palm Trees along the clear pavement, as the yellow Taxi cab soaked up the open road. Inside the cab, twenty year old Loren Tate couldn’t believe she was finally in LA. She’d dreamed of this moment for as long as she could remember. She’d dreamed of being in the place where she knew all of her dreams would come true. This was it, she thought to herself. There was no turning back now.

The taxi came to a halt in front of a large apartment building. The outside was beige and it looked like some of the apartment came with a small balcony. There was a doorman outside, and Loren wondered how her best friend was able to pull off such an amazing living space when she couldn’t keep a steady job for more than a month. The cabbie went to retrieve her bags from the trunk, and Loren suddenly felt like a girl from one of those teen movies she and her best friend used to watch.

“Thank you,” Loren smiled as she handed the cabbie a few crumpled up bills from the bottom of her messenger bag. He sneered down at the bills rumpled before he got in the cab and drove away. The doorman opened the door for her when she made her way to the door. When she thanked him there was a look on his face like he’d never heard those words before. She took the elevator to the sixth floor, and pulled her bags behind her toward the apartment that would officially become her home.

“You’re here!” the over joyous voice of her best friend sounded. The door ripped open before Loren even had a chance to open it. Melissa pulled her into a tight hug before she pulled back and motioned for Loren to follow her inside. “We are going to have so much fun, I tell you!”

Melissa Sanders had been Loren’s best friend since before she could remember. If someone asked Loren to describe her friend in one word, she wouldn’t be able to because Melissa was so much more than just a single word. She was equipped with click-clacking bracelets, brightly colored clothes, and the confidence and charisma to match it all. Melissa was without a doubt a true walking sideshow, and Loren couldn’t get enough of her. They somehow managed to balance each other out.

“How did you swing this place?” Loren asked as she looked around the spacious apartment, if she could even call it that. It was more like a penthouse. The plush black couches went perfectly with the crème colored backdrop of the walls. However, the best part was the spectacular view from the balcony. Slowly, Loren walked toward the balcony doors and stepped outside. The view nearly took her breath away. She could see everything from here, and she absolutely loved it.

Loren was so caught up in the view that she didn’t see Melissa stand next to her. “It’s gorgeous isn’t it?”

The sound of Melissa’s voice startled Loren. She looked over at her friend and smiled. “How can you afford this place? I will give you as much as I can when I start my job I promise. I won’t let you pay for this alone.”

A mischievous smile played across Melissa’s pale pink lips that send a cold chill down Loren’s spine. She knew that look and she didn’t like it. “Mel……”

Loren gave her best stern look to wear Melissa down. “Okay fine. It’s not my apartment!”

“What?” Loren shouted. Some woman from the balcony above them looked down at the two of them with a pensive look. “What do you mean this isn’t your apartment?”

Melissa shrugged sheepishly, “Just what I said. This isn’t my apartment.”

“Did you? Did you?” Loren’s hazel eyes widened with horror. She dropped her voice to a soft whisper. “Are we breaking the law?”

Melissa rolled her big doe as at her friend’s behavior. “No, Lo, this is perfectly legal. Remember how I told you I got a job?”

Loren nodded slowly, “Yeah.”

“Well, that job just so happens to be penthouse sitting!” Melissa said, as she tried to make her voice sound as upbeat as possible. “A friend of mine from film school let me in on this house sitting gig. The penthouse belongs to this model that will be out of the country for a year. All I have to do is watch the house and watch her dog and I get paid for doing it every other week.”

Loren breathed a small sigh of relief. “Where’s the dog?”

Melissa looked confused for a second before she realized what her friend was asking. “Oh, the dog is at some weird play date thing. It will be back tomorrow.”

“But in the meantime,” Melissa smiled wide. She skipped back into the penthouse with Loren on her tail. She retrieved two black envelopes from the coffee table and held them up as she wiggled her perfectly arched brows.

“What are those?” Loren asked although she was kind of afraid to know the answer. So far, this day hadn’t exactly turned out the way she’d hoped.

“These, my doe eyed friend, are non-other than tickets to the intimate concert series at Max Duran’s club on sunset tonight,” Melissa bounced with joy.

“Oh my god! You mean legendary Rock God Max Duran?” Loren asked. This day was starting to get a whole lot better.

“That’s the one,” Melissa beamed as she pointed a manicured nail at her friend. “I also hear Dead on Arrival is doing an acoustic set, and if all the planets align then there is a great possibility that Eddie Duran will hit the stage.”

“You think so?” Loren asked as she sat down on the couch against the wall. “According to the blogs he’s been kind of MIA since that whole Chloe thing.”

“Yeah, but that was like months ago. I’m sure he’s over it by now, right?” Melissa insisted as she transitioned into the connected kitchen.

It was no secret that rock star Eddie Duran’s world went in flames six months ago when it was revealed that his girlfriend of over a year, Chloe Carter, left him for the famous movie producer Osborne Silver after a month long affair. Their breakup was everywhere. It was splashed over every tabloid and talked about on ever blog. Loren honestly felt bad for Eddie. Based on the interviews she’d seen, Eddie came off as a really nice guy and he seemed to really love Chloe. To have someone walk out of your life with no regards to your feelings was something Loren knew all too well. She could just imagine what Eddie was going through on a personal level. Loren shook her head slowly to banish all thought of Eddie and his potential pain from her mind. Loren reminded herself that she didn’t have time to get caught up in some else’s career or problems that came with them. She was here for a reason, and that was to achieve her goals. Loren Tate was determined to make it in Hollywood.

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