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21 August 2012 @ 10:44 am
Chasing the Sun - Chapter One  
Title: Chasing the Sun
Fandom: Bunheads (TV)
Pairing/Character(s): Charlie/Boo
Rated: PG-13
Spoilers: The simple backstory of the show, however, I have changed a few things and add some facts about the characters to make this story a lot more interesting.

Summary: With everyone they know gone for the summer, Boo and Charlie find themselves learning more about each other.

Chapter One | Summer Begins

I really hope someone can hear me
I find the voice within me
to scream at the top of my lungs
I just hope I'm not the only one

- Emeli Sande, "Hope"

Paradise in the summer is always beautiful. The sun shone delicately over the small town, and the beach littered with tourist. They'd shuffle in and out of local shops comfortably nestled together with amazement in their eyes because according to them, they'd never seen anything so quaint and beautiful. Boo loved the summer. She loved it when the tourist came because she was able get lost in the crowd. None of these people knew who she was or the struggles she and her family had been through. All they saw was a teenage girl living in the moment, living in the moment of summer. However, this summer, Boo concluded, would be the absolute worst.

Two nights before, Sasha had left for New York to attend a summer program at the Joffrey Ballet. It was one of the premier ballet academies in all of American and Sasha was the only girl from Paradise offered a summer scholarship. Ginny left yesterday morning with Josh's family on a cross-country road trip to Texas to see some play Ginny went on and on about the night before at their "Last Hurrah" sleepover. The only person that would still be around was Melanie, but not for much long because a week from now she would be leaving for her shift as camp counselor at the Paradise overnight summer camp just outside of town. Boo knew there would be no way she'd enjoy summer without them.

"Cheer up, Boo," Melanie offered a friendly smile. She bumped her friend's shoulder with her own, as she tried her hardest to cheer the shorter girl up. "We have an entire week to spend together before I leave."

"I know," Boo sighed. She looked up at her friend and tried her best to return the smile. The two of them where sitting at a booth in the back of the Oyster Bar sharing a plate of fries. "I just don't want to spend the summer alone."

"Well, then go out and make friends," Melanie laughed. She popped a fry in her mouth after she'd dipped it in a bout of spicy mustard mixed with ketchup. "What about Helen Simms from Science? The two of you worked on that project together."

"Helen smelled weird and she always got mad at me for liking Justin Bieber," Boo explained.

"I can't blame her for the Bieber part. I get mad at you for liking him," Melanie said with a shake of her head. She leaned back in her seat and gave Boo her best "Judging You" face.

Boo shrugged sheepishly. "His songs are so catchy."

"Yeah, and so is the flu but you don't see me going around praising it and its Ellen DeGeneres haircut," Melanie laughed, and Boo couldn't help but to join in. This was the thing Boo would miss most about her friends being away, especially Melanie. She was the one person out of all of her friends that could get her to forget about everything else. It also helped that Melanie was willing to put up with Boo when she got like this. The other girls would roll their eyes and tell her to move on, but not Mel. She would sit and listen to Boo for as long as she needed, and when it was all over she'd say something really funny to make Boo smile.

During mid-laugh, Boo looked away from their table, and that's when she spotted him walking through the door with two of his friends. Charlie was Melanie's older brother that she'd been obsessed with since before she could remember. He was tall and lean with hair in between the color of blonde and brown. Melanie knew about her obsession with Charlie, and didn't seem to mind it. She would even encourage her to talk to him, but in typical Boo fashion whenever she tried things went terribly wrong and she ended up making a complete fool out of herself. She just wished that for once, Charlie could see her the way he saw all of the other girls that paraded in and out of his life. She wished that maybe just once, they would be able to have a chance at something special.

"Ow," Boo complained loudly when she felt a swift kick to her shin. Madame Fanny would not appreciate seeing bruises on her legs at ballet tomorrow. She tore her eyes away from Charlie to scold Melanie over what she'd done. "Mel, that hurt! What did you do that for?"

"Your mouth was hanging open?" Melanie said as she continued to eat more fries. "I think there was some droll running down your mouth, too."

Boo wiped rapidly at her mouth just in case Mel was telling the truth. "What's Charlie doing here? I thought he and his friends were leaving for some road trip."

Melanie glanced over her shoulder at her brother, who flipped her off when their eyes connected. Melanie would have returned the favor but an old woman was staring at her. Instead, she smiled and turned back to face Boo. "He was until I told my parents about the joint I found in his room, and now he will be spending the rest of the summer working here."

It took Boo a minute to register what Melanie was saying. "What do you mean working here? I work here! Charlie can't work here! What didn't you tell me?"

Melanie tossed a fry in Boo's direction. "Calm down, Bettina. I didn't tell you because I knew you'd have a massive heart attack, and besides I thought you'd be happy about this."

Boo's Bambi-like eyes transitioned from Charlie to Melanie, before they settled on her friend. She leaned in close, and whispered, "Why in the world would I be happy about this?"

"Because for some reason that is still very strange and unknown to me, you someone how see through my brother's farce and actually thinks he's a contender." The taller girl rolled her eyes, and followed a long with her friend by leaning in close. She shrugged, and sat back upright. "I figured this would be your chance to talk to him. The two of you finally have something in common."