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19 September 2011 @ 11:31 pm
Damon & Bonnie Drabble Meme (Part Four)  

Welcome to PART FOUR of the Damon Salvatore & Bonnie Bennett drabble meme! Because the previous ones were such a success, I thought it would be great to have a fourth part with fresh new prompts. Thanks to everyone that participated. Any and all people are welcome to post a prompt and/or fill one. There still are some really great prompts to be filled in part one, part two, and part three. If you'd like, you can bring others prompts over to repost or fill.


+ If your fic turns out to be way too long for the drabble meme, just reply to a link with where you've posted it at your LJ/ff.net/or in another comment box.
+ As you know from the pervious parts, prompts can be anything! A word, picture, scenario, quote, gif, video; anything that could potentially inspire someone to write a story from it.
+ A prompt can be filled as many times as you want. Example: If a prompt for 'love' has been filled but you have an opposite idea for how it could have gone, go for it!
+ Obviously, this meme is for Damon and Bonnie drabbles ONLY. They are to be the main focus of the fic.
+ Any/all genres are welcome. If your fic is R/NC-17, then please state so in the 'subject line' when filling the prompt.

Request Format:
<b>Rated (if any):</b>

+ Damon cheated on Bonnie just once, they split. So she takes their daughter to Stefan's and Elena's house to have some recovery time. Of cause Damon shows up
+ Bonnie assumes Damon is starting to lose interest in her after he begins spending more time with Elena and she gets jealous.
+ The ONE time Bonnie chooses to skinny dip alone at the lake, and it's Damon who finds her.
+ Family time with Bonnie, Damon and their baby
+ Either Bonnie or Damon teases the other all day long
+ "Mommy please, I wanna go to that party. Can't you just talk to Daddy?"
+ Damon apologizes for Gram's death
+ Bonnie knows what to do to get what she wants

There are tons of unfilled prompts in Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Bamon_kink_meme | I also engourage you to vist the drabble meme at damonandbonnie
ever_jolieneever_joliene on September 22nd, 2011 06:56 am (UTC)
Prompt: Damon cheated on Bonnie just once, they split. So she takes their daughter to Stefan's and Elena's house to have some recovery time. Of cause Damon shows up

Rated: any
ever_jolieneever_joliene on September 23rd, 2011 08:13 am (UTC)
FILLED- Part 1
Elena hugged me tightly, then turned towards Skyler.

"Hi sweetie... your cousins are in their room, they are waiting for you. Come on hurry up."

"Yippie, see you later mommy, see you auntie Lena", she smiled at Bonnie and ran off.

Bonnie smiled, watching Skyler all the way upstairs. Then she and Elena headed to the living room, they sat on the couch near the fire place and just chated. About Skyler and Elenas twins Madison and Cole, their work and so many other things that did not involve Damon or her feelings towards him.

She didn't want to talk or think about Damon. He'd hurt her so much, way too much. He cheated on her with that woman. That woman, she once called a good friend. She worked with her and they had dinners, but still loyalty obviously meant nothing to her. And Damon... no, she didn't want to think about what happened a few weeks ago.

So they talked about God and the world while watching their kids, who were now playing infront of them and Bonnie enjoyed seeing the children happy.

"It's eight o'clock, time to go to bed, sweeties" Elena just said, when the front door opened and Stefan got in.

"Daddyyyyyy" the twins cried out loud and ran towards Stefan, hugging him. Elena and Bonnie followed the twins, when suddenly Damon entered the house.

ever_jolieneever_joliene on September 23rd, 2011 08:15 am (UTC)
Re: FILLED- Part 2
Bonnie immediatly stopped in track, opened her mouth and closed it again, as her five- year-old daughter ran shouting daddy. Damon embraced her, picked her up and kissed her several times on her nose, forehead and cheeks. Skyler couldn't help but giggle and laugh all the time. Then he put her back down on the ground and looked at Bonnie.

She just stood there and watched him, her green eyes now had those brown spots which always happens when she gets angry, mad or upset.

Damon knew he shouldn't be here. Bonnie asked him stay away but he couldn't. He just couldn't, because he loved her so much. Sleeping with Bonnie's co- worker was the biggest mistake he ever made. The sex wasn't even good, but still he hated himself for doing this to Bonnie. His true and only love, she was his soul mate, his all and he'd hurt her. He knew there was no way that would forgive him, but he had to try. For their love and their family.

"Bonnie", Damon whispered quietly, but loud enough for her to hear it.

"Damon, why are you here? I told you not to come, I told you I need to..."

"I know, I know but... I thought I could just visite my baby bro" Damon winked at Stefan, "and put little Sabrina here to bed."

With that he picked his daughter up, kissed her beautiful brown curly hair she inherited from her mother, said good night to his niece and nephew and went upstairs, to one of Elena's und Stefan's guest rooms. It was lovingly decorated in purple, because Skyler used to have lots of sleepovers at her aunt's and oncle's home.

Damon helped his baby girl putting her pyjama on and crawled into the tiny bed with her, took a book from the bookshelf and started reading one of Skyler's favourite story.
ever_jolieneever_joliene on September 23rd, 2011 08:16 am (UTC)
Re: FILLED- Part 3
Downstairs Bonnie was able to recover a little bit from her meeting with her ex- boyfriend. Yet, Elena and Stefan were very concerned about her, Bonnie told them that she was fine and she just needs to relax a little.

"You sure? If you need to talk to me, I'll stay here with you. I'm sure Maddie and Coly won't mind, believe me they won't. They missed Stefan to much to care about me not giving them a good night kiss."

"No Lane, it's okay. I'm okay. Go with your twinsies. I don't want them to miss their mom...Sleep well guys."

After giving Elena and Stefan a hug and kissing Madison and Cole, Bonnie headed upstairs and slowly opened the door to Skyler's bedroom.

She almost started to shed tears when she saw Skyler with her small body leaning on Damon's muscled chest and being embraced by one strong arm, while the other was holding a book. She loved this picture, it reminded her of happy times but also showed her how much of a caring father he was, actually he was the best for her daughter.

"Skye honey, it's late. You really need to sleep" Bonnie said, locking her eyes with Damons for no more than two seconds, then smiling at the blue eyed baby girl.

She went over to her, gave her sound kiss on the little girl's lips and said I love you. Damon did the same and left the room with Bonnie.
ever_jolieneever_joliene on September 23rd, 2011 08:18 am (UTC)
Re: FILLED- Part 4

"She is a great kid" Damon stated, while he followed Bonnie downstairs to the kitchen and then to living room with two glasses and a bottle of red whine.

"Yeah, she is and she loves you so much" Bonnie said, taking a glass of whine from Damon. "It was amazing, seeing you two cuddling in that tiny bed."

She bored her eyes into Damon's, admiring his blue eyes and then took a seat on the Elena's couch. Damon followed suit, sitting next to him cherished her body.

She still had this gorgeous body and beautifully shaped legs which showed up under her short dress. He eyed her slowly from his legs to her lips, looked hungrily at them, then without thinking, he took Bonnie's glas out of her hand and placed it on the couch table.

Damon touched her cheeks and kissed her hard. His tongue slided along her lips and she gained him access.

"Damon", she moaned and eased off in passion.


Ps. So this my very first fanfic... and I guess you already noticed that I'm not a English native speaker. So forgive me for all my spelling and grammar mistakes, but still I hope you liked my drabble ^^
Alexalli_cat3 on September 27th, 2011 03:45 am (UTC)
Re: FILLED- Part 4
That was sad and sweet at the same time! Good job :)
ever_jolieneever_joliene on September 27th, 2011 05:40 am (UTC)
Re: FILLED- Part 4
Thanks alot <3