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19 September 2011 @ 11:31 pm
Damon & Bonnie Drabble Meme (Part Four)  

Welcome to PART FOUR of the Damon Salvatore & Bonnie Bennett drabble meme! Because the previous ones were such a success, I thought it would be great to have a fourth part with fresh new prompts. Thanks to everyone that participated. Any and all people are welcome to post a prompt and/or fill one. There still are some really great prompts to be filled in part one, part two, and part three. If you'd like, you can bring others prompts over to repost or fill.


+ If your fic turns out to be way too long for the drabble meme, just reply to a link with where you've posted it at your LJ/ff.net/or in another comment box.
+ As you know from the pervious parts, prompts can be anything! A word, picture, scenario, quote, gif, video; anything that could potentially inspire someone to write a story from it.
+ A prompt can be filled as many times as you want. Example: If a prompt for 'love' has been filled but you have an opposite idea for how it could have gone, go for it!
+ Obviously, this meme is for Damon and Bonnie drabbles ONLY. They are to be the main focus of the fic.
+ Any/all genres are welcome. If your fic is R/NC-17, then please state so in the 'subject line' when filling the prompt.

Request Format:
<b>Rated (if any):</b>

+ Damon cheated on Bonnie just once, they split. So she takes their daughter to Stefan's and Elena's house to have some recovery time. Of cause Damon shows up
+ Bonnie assumes Damon is starting to lose interest in her after he begins spending more time with Elena and she gets jealous.
+ The ONE time Bonnie chooses to skinny dip alone at the lake, and it's Damon who finds her.
+ Family time with Bonnie, Damon and their baby
+ Either Bonnie or Damon teases the other all day long
+ "Mommy please, I wanna go to that party. Can't you just talk to Daddy?"
+ Damon apologizes for Gram's death
+ Bonnie knows what to do to get what she wants

There are tons of unfilled prompts in Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Bamon_kink_meme | I also engourage you to vist the drabble meme at damonandbonnie
ever_jolieneever_joliene on September 22nd, 2011 06:42 am (UTC)
Prompt: Either Bonnie or Damon teases the other all day long

Rated: Go high
Alex: PLL - - Spenceralli_cat3 on September 27th, 2011 07:36 pm (UTC)
“The Name Game” | 1/?
(I wrote this a while ago, but it seemed to fit the prompt)

Damon Salvatore pushed the little witch roughly into the brick wall, pressing his body into hers. She felt so damn good, all small and soft skinned. One hand cupped the side of her neck, while the other massaged gently at the exposed skin of her hip. His mouth was doing things to hers that she’d never felt before. Their tongues danced, battling for control. A soft moan escaped her mouth, when his lips landed on her neck, sucking and licking at the sensitive skin. He grinned, fangs dancing across the skin.

“Say my name,” he prompted, grinding his lower half into her. She moaned at the delicious friction, moving her hips in time with his. He ground down hard, his hardness prominent though his jeans. “Say my name?”

Bonnie moaned, as he hiked her leg over his hip, causing her panties to dampen even more. “Shut up.”

His hand moved up her thigh, rubbing softly, teasing. His hand ghosted just above the place she wanted him the most. He pressed lightly to her soaked center. “Say it, Bonnie.”

The witch moaned, trying to navigate his hand to where she wanted it, but his hold on her waist was too tight. She tried again, but he was too strong. Stupid vampire. “Please…I-I need.”

“All you have to do is say it, and I’ll give you everything you want,” he taunted, rubbing at her damp panties. He moved them aside, and without warning, shoved a finger inside. Bonnie nearly screamed at the contact.

He’d been teasing her all night, rubbing against her as they played pool, touching her thigh under the table while they sat with their friends. All because of their stupid bet. She’d bet Damon that he couldn’t get her to say his name during sex. So far, she was losing terribly. She wanted to scream his name so bad to get what she what, but she couldn’t let her smug ass boyfriend win. She’d never hear the last of it, if she gave in.

“Oh, god,” Bonnie moaned, as he added another digit to the equation. She rode his long lean fingers, desperately searching for a release. She nearly punched her boyfriend in the face, when his fingers were suddenly ripped from her center. “What the-”

“You the magic words, little witch,” he grinned smugly, bringing his fingers to his mouth, and licking them clean of her juices.

“I hate you,” Bonnie panted, her head resting against the brick wall.

Alexalli_cat3 on September 27th, 2011 07:37 pm (UTC)
Re: “The Name Game” | 2/2
Damon laughed, as his hand skimmed up her shirt, the pad of his thumb circling here bellybutton. His lips connected with hers, kissing her hard and rough, while his hand moved further up her body. He stopped just below the underside of her bra, hand teasing at the material covering her plump breast. He grinned against her mouth, when she arched her back, pushing her breast forward. Damon dove his hands underneath, massaging the succulent skin.

“Oh,” she moaned, as he pinched both of her nipples roughly. “I need more.”

“Say it, Bonnie,” he instructed.

Bonnie threaded her hands through his dark hair, pulling him closer into her body, her mouth moving against his, tongue massaging his own. Bonnie moaned into his mouth, sucking his tongue in her mouth, as her lower half grinded against the bulge in his jeans. His slightly calloused hands on her body was making her mind think of all the things she wanted him to do to her in the alley of the Mystic Grille where anyone could hear her screaming his name. he was whispering all kinds of dirty things in her ear, all the things he was going to do to her, with his hands, tongue, fingers, and the best of all his massive penis. Bonnie shuttered deliciously at the thought.

“I’m goanna make you come so fucking hard,” Damon promised, as he dropped to his knees in front of her. Bonnie moaned in anticipation, nearly coming from the thought of his tongue between her legs.

Damon grinned, as he kneeled in front of her, kissing his way up her shapely leg, pulling one of them over his shoulder. He nipped at her panty clad center, inhaling her scent. She was so damn intoxicating, he could never get enough of this woman. He hooked his finger on the sides of her panties, pulling the soaked item down her legs, before pocketing the garment. He kissed the inside of her thigh, just above where she wanted him the most.

“Please, don’t tease anymore,” Bonnie pouted down at him, “it’s not nice.”

He chuckled, before licking up her slit without warning. Her hips bucked against his face, and he held onto
her waist to keep her from moving. He bit and nipped at her center, making sure to stay away from her clit. He wanted to make her beg and please until she had no choice but to scream his name. he wanted all of mystic falls to know that their resident good girl was getting her pussy licked in the alley behind the grille by someone like him. Her moans were making him work harder, his mouth and tongue moving in time to bring out her release.

“What’s my name, Bonnie?” he teased, pulling away from body, his blue eyes dark with passions as they bored into her own. Eyes still locked, he licked up her pussy savoring the taste. “What’s my name, baby?”

“God damn, Damon, just lick.” Her hand slip down to the back of his head, pushing his back into her pussy. She moaned out this name, when his tongue connected with her clit, sucking it, before biting down lightly. Bonnie could feel her body shaking uncontrollably, trying to stay upright. Her body convulsed, her release ripped through her body. Damon lapped up her juices until there was no more.

He stood, grinning down at her. Bonnie rolled her eyes, before brining him down for a kiss. She moaned, tasting herself on his lips. They’d done this multiple times, but it seemed new and erotic every time.

“I won,” Damon smiled. “I expect to see you in a French maid’s outfit tomorrow.”

Bonnie pushed him away from her, grabbing his hand, as they walked from the alley. She stopped in front of him under the street light near his car. A seductive smile ghosting her lips, running a hand up her boyfriend’s chest. She was so getting him back tomorrow.

“I can’t wait, monsieur,” Bonnie said in her best French accent.

ever_jolieneever_joliene on September 27th, 2011 07:39 pm (UTC)
Re: “The Name Game” | 2/2
Thanks ;)

Will there be another part? I really want to know what happens to Bonnie in that outfit
Kay: B/D: [3] cryngle on October 2nd, 2011 09:59 am (UTC)
Re: “The Name Game” | 2/2
Sheeshh.... *fans self* Hot hot hot! ;)